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LisaJane Naidoo - Scottish Ambulance Services pathways around child protection

September 20, 2021

LisaJane chats us through the pathways for identifying and supporting children at risk, how this fits into the Getting it Right For Each Child (GIRFEC) model and how this fits into a multi-agency approach for that child. 



Lisa Jane is the clinical effectiveness lead for child protection at the Scottish ambulance service.   


Top 3 tips 

1) Go with your gut, if you are feeling stressed or intimidated in an environment, imagine how a child feels within that environment 

2) Don’t ever assume that someone else will escalate a concern on your behalf.  It doesn’t matter how many refferals are made they are still all relevant and there is power within those referrals 

3) If you have any dubiety then escalate it, don’t ever disregard your own feelings in any situation. 



Child Protection Guidance for Health Professionals ( 

 GIRFEC National Practice Model - ( 

 Contextual Safeguarding Network – The Contextual Safeguarding programme, and the team who deliver it, are part of the International Centre: Researching child sexual exploitation, violence and trafficking (IC) at the University of Bedfordshire 

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